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 D and D Guns

D and D Guns is a group of Firearms Instructors dedicated to our Second Amendment Rights of all law abiding United States Citizens to keep and bear arms.

Our focus is to provide safe, friendly, affordable firearms training to individuals who have the right to bear arms in the United States.

The training we offer is taught by seasoned NRA Certified Instructors, former Military, retired CIA field operative (clandestine operations), Defense Intelligence Agency Agent, Dr. of Communications and 3rd Degree Blackbelt, 3 police officers - 2 Civilian Active Shooter Instructors and 1 SWAT instructor.  We have a passion to help others develop the necessary safe handling skills, attitude to own and use firearms and learn unarmed defense as well. We help you "TRAIN FOR THE REAL WORLD"*.

Channel 6 News did a story on a class of Nurses we taught. Here is the link:

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Special Training For Church Security Teams Available.
From Basic Training to Fundamentals of Concealed Carry and we are arranging APOST Certification on Firearms as well. Classes are taught at the Police Range. 

We will be offering the Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Class by a ICE Training Certified Coach. This class is based on Combat Focused Shooting developed by Rob Pincus.

Force on Force Classes will be offered starting this Spring using Simunitions. Classes offered will be Home Invasion Defense, Robbery Defense, Family Defense and Car Jacking Defense.

*Simunition® and FX® are registered trademarks of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada,Inc.